A Guide to Iceland

50675792_UnknownIceland has been at the top of my bucket list for years and I finally checked it off! My boyfriend and I went with another couple for about a week in mid-September and it was such a great trip!!!! Iceland is magical. It is every bit as dreamy and beautiful and picturesque as people say. Pictures really don’t do it justice. There are rainbows EVERYWHERE. It’s honestly like leaving Earth and entering a completely different planet. What’s even more interesting is that the landscape can change so quickly with just 5 minutes of driving. Surreal. This post is my detailed summary of the trip. Warning: it is VERY long.Read More »

Puerto Rico Highlights | Travel Diary

Back in December/January, I took a week long trip to Puerto Rico with Jake, his brother, and his sister-in-law. We divided our time to stay a portion of the trip on the east side of the island, the west side, and in the city of San Juan. For the first third, we rented a car and stayed in Luquillo on the east side in an AirBnB.


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