2017 Faves

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HI FRIENDS! Bet you all thought I forgot about this thing. Since the last time I posted, I went through a whirlwind of stress and anxiety and unhappiness and I definitely didn’t feel like posting when I was feeling so crappy. I’m muuuuch better now but I’ll admit that I’ve been dragging my feet when it comes to getting back into a regular writing schedule. I didn’t know what to write about and I even let myself make the excuse that I forgot the password to this blog. (Nevermind that I could have easily recovered it via “forgot my password”…)

Last year was a hard year for me. I felt directionless and unfulfilled and unhappy even though there wasn’t anything exactly wrong. Not gonna lie, I cried all the time. However, I made strides to change the things I could, and accept the things I couldn’t. And let’s be real, it couldn’t have been all bad. I figured I’d focus on some of the positives and share a hodgepodge of favorites from 2017.Read More »


Reads | Atlanta Public Library


I have recently discovered the wonders of a Kindle E-Reader and I get the hype now. I still like the feel and smell of physical books but they’re not the most convenient to bring around with you, especially during travels. The obvious cool thing about Kindles is that you can easily buy a book and read it on your Kindle instantaneously. But if you don’t necessarily like to spend an exorbitant amount of money on books (like me), this other thing is even cooler: you can borrow public library books and download them directly to your Kindle!!!! All you have to do is apply for a FREE library card (link here to the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System Online Library Card Application) and you’ll instantly have a great selection of books right at your fingertips!! (You’d be surprised at how many good books the library system has.)Read More »