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A couple weekends ago, Jake (aka bf) and I took a trip to the happiest place on Earth: Orlandoooo *cue the Book of Mormon Orlando song*. We’ve been “planning” to go for a year so we were really excited that it was finally happening!!!! It was a short weekend trip with only 2 full days to go to parks, so we narrowed it down to one day at Magic Kingdom and one day at Epcot. Magic Kingdom was a no-brainer because Jake had never been. You can’t go to Disney and not go to Magic Kingdom at least once! Epcot I wasn’t too sure about at first. I visited that park when I was a kid and thought it was SO BORING but BOY WAS I WRONG. Magic Kingdom is magical and super Disney but Epcot is the best park ever ever ever when you’re a legal adult who enjoys looking at things. At Epcot, you can eat and drink around the world, see and experience other cultures (kind of), and have fun without standing in endless crowds/lines. Highly recommend.

Since the trip was in May, it was freaking hot. I opted for easy, breezy outfits that would keep me comfortable both in the sweltering heat outdoors and the chilly A/C-blasting indoors.

Day 1 Outfit:

The Purple Wall at Magic Kingdom
  • Very old Forever 21 polka-dot dress from years ago. Unfortunately I can’t link it but the idea is to find a dress with some of the same qualities. It’s loose and airy, there are pockets, and (best of all) it can be worn without a bra!
  • Shorts (similar) – If you do opt for a dress, I recommend wearing shorts underneath. The extra coverage helps provide peace of mind on rides or for when you’re tired and feel like plopping down on the ground criss-cross applesauce style.
  • Cotton Button Down (not pictured) – I brought a lightweight white button down to throw on in case it got chilly and to protect my shoulders from too much sun. When I wasn’t wearing it, I tied it onto the strap of my bag.
  • White Converses – Obviously a cute and comfortable option.
  • Mickey Mouse ears – Purchased at the park years ago.

Day 2 Outfit:

The Bubblegum Wall at Epcot

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

  • ‘Dream Big’ Crop Top – This top is so Disney and I specifically bought it to wear on this trip. In addition to being very cute and comfortable and lightweight, its longer sleeves protected my shoulders/arms from the sun. I also wore a pinky nude lace bralette underneath because sweating into a normal bra seemed less appealing.
  • Denim Mom Shorts – Since the top was a bit cropped, I opted for high waisted “mom” shorts to balance the outfit. The shorts are from PacSun and are SO flattering and extremely comfortable for being that high waisted (reaches my belly button).
  • Black Sandals – Comfy sandals with some support!
  • Necklace/Choker – Perhaps my fave necklace, adds a little something something.
  • Quay x Chrisspy Gemini Sunglasses – I always get compliments on these sunglasses! Unfortunately, they’re sold out everywhere but this is a similar option from the same brand. I only own this one pair of Quay sunglasses but it’s great quality. I recommend checking them out, especially since they have a great selection of cool/unique designs!

Disney Tips

  • If you are flying to Orlando and are staying near the parks, Ubers and Lyfts are cheaper alternatives to renting a car. Note that only Uber Select picks up from the airport and it will cost you the same as a Taxi ($40-50 to get in the surrounding Disney area). Ubers/Lyfts drop off at the airport like normal though ($20-30).
  • Buy your park tickets together and in advance. Buying passes for multiple parks at once is cheaper. Buying in advance allows you to 1) avoid any ticket buying lines and 2) reserve fast passes in advance.
  • Reserve your fast passes ASAP and strategically select all of them for late morning or early afternoon. If you get to the park when they open, you can probably beeline towards the busiest attractions and have virtually no wait. Once the park gets a bit busier later in the morning, then you have all your fast passes! I’ve heard that once you use all your fast passes, you can sign up for more, one at a time.
  • GET TO THE PARK WHEN THEY OPEN or even a little before. Benefits include:
    • The busiest attractions are not as busy first thing in the morning
    • You can enjoy an emptyish park for a little while
    • *Empty park means you can take great photos without huge crowds in the background!!!!*
  • Download the My Disney Experience app. You can reserve/change your fast passes, view maps of the attractions and dining, see showtime schedules, and best of all check live wait times for each attraction.
  • Make reservations in advance if you plan on dining at the sit down restaurants.
  • The Joy of Tea cart in Epcot’s China Pavilion has an amazing mango gingerita and yummy lychee flavored iced tea!
  • If you’re into tea and visiting Epcot during their annual International Flower & Garden Festival, go to The Tea Caddy in the United Kingdom Pavilion and sign up for an English Tea Garden tour.
  • Maybe don’t go to Disney when it’s freaking hot outside. It was high 80s to mid 90s when we went mid-May and that was pretty rough. If we ever go again, I’d choose a different time of the year when the temperatures are cooler.
  • It always says it’s going to rain, but it’s usually periodic showers that don’t ruin the day.

This Disney trip was so fun and I can’t wait to go again (in the distant future since Disney is also expensive af)!!!!




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