Starting Somewhere

Hi, I’m Sallie.


I don’t blog but I’ve been wanting to start. Why? A couple of reasons..

  • I want to document random parts of my life for me to look back on later.
  • I was talking to my sister not too long ago, offering advice on makeup and skincare and I was so excited to talk about it with someone!!!! I don’t really have an outlet for my interests in beauty products (unless you count me yammering on about it to my patient bf) so I thought why not document it somewhere? If not for other people like my sister, at least for me to write down my thoughts to reference.
  • I think it would be cool to also document my current likes, thoughts, style, travels, etc. so forth blah blah blah and over time perhaps see how I evolve.
  • I’m bored.

I was pretty hesitant to do this though because it’s scary to put your thoughts out on the internet and I’m very critical of my own work. I’m also not the best writer nor the most creative nor all that interesting and why should anybody care about what I have to say. Buuut none of that matters since this is for me and I can do what I want!!!!

So this is me starting somewhere to document my journey of becoming less bored (and other things in between).


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